About us

Earthly was founded on our love for natural and sustainable materials.

Fabrics that are so beautiful unto themselves, in their yarn, fall and texture, that the dresses become canvasses. Simple silhouettes, that bring out the timelessness and grace of the natural fiber.

We hope to create clothes and accessories that are easy and stylish to wear, your first choice because of how they make you feel, while taking a step towards conserving our planet’s resources.



A working mom of two, Esha found herself constantly looking for clothes that would functionally work for all her commitments from morning till night starting from school drop offs, to sundowners with clients. Clothes, that lend grace, comfort, while being soft enough for cheeks that would fall asleep on them.

A space in the market for clothes which tick all of the above boxes, lent itself to the concept of Earthly.

She is a growth strategist, who after 14 years of experience across corporations, decided to use her expertise into creating a brand that stands for slow fashion, small batch sizes and sustainable materials.


A designer and a creative director, Palak has an eye for both beauty in simplicity and the splendor of nature’s bounty. Working with and consulting many brands globally, he felt the need to break the trend cycles that fuels the need for increased consumption and wastage in fashion.

Lover of colors, textures and silhouettes, Palak feels passionately about deriving inspiration from nature.  He loves bringing in artistic details and whimsical elements to his creations. Earthly is a culmination of more than 14 years of creating timeless designs with a touch of art, while being responsible in how our creations will impact our planet.